Mini Mardi Gras

Life in miniature

Although this technique is a bit of a gimmick it’s intriguing  to see the world from a different perspective.

Carnival Beads in a tree

A Tourist in ones own Town

In an effort to keep a fresh view on what is familiar. I am trying to look at the city of New Orleans with an outsiders eye but I have the advantage of the insiders knowledge. Many sections of the Read more…

Painting from the back of a bus

Arrived Home Safely and On Time

The 36 hour return trip home was quite painless and uneventful especially given my bad luck with travel in the past. I left for the Kolkata airport around noon on Sunday. The most anxiety surrounding the trip was when my Read more…

Kali in all her splender

It takes a village

It takes a village to hang a show. We had teams of carpenders, painters, tailors, electricians, and technicians some more efficent than others. The show is up it is hung and I am off back to the US today. This Read more…


too busy

Sorry to have fallen behind, Between the crazy installation schedule and my bout of illness I have had difficulty posting as often as I would like. The end of last week I completed curling all the prints backed with fabric Read more…

Tiger sculptures being created for Michele Elliot

Visiting the Tigers

Last Weds. I traveled across the river with Michele Elliot one of the other artists in the exhibition to view her tiger sculptures in progress. The young sculptor creating the work makes goddesses for a living but is studying to be Read more…

Veggie Stall

National Republic Day

Tuesday was yet again another holiday, but both Michele and I were able to work in the morning and then treated ourselves to a big mean of traditional Bengali Food at a restaurant around the corner. Spicy fish Banana flower Read more…

A building being decorated for a celebration

Always a Celebration

It appears yesterday (Sunday) was a good day for weddings and receptions as is evidenced by this building being decorated for some event? My quiet morning was rudely interrupted by the loudest music imaginable. This fellow with a traveling shrine Read more…