Suspending Reliefs: Teresa Cole at Whitespace Gallery

From Pelican Bomb

In her solo exhibition, “Between Origin and Present” at Whitespace Gallery in Atlanta, Teresa Cole appears to have given birth to something magical, some kind of other worldly creature, indefinable in rudimentary terms. The vortex of this mystical energy emanates primarily from her installation, Curling In On Itself, 2010, an accumulation of 410 hand-carved black-and-white relief prints mounted on colorful cotton and silk sari fabric. Created during a stay at the Khoj International Artists’ Residency in Kolkata, India, each individual piece literally curls up at the bottom like an ancient scroll or scraps of vintage wallpaper. A suite of framed intaglio printed collagraphs accompany this organic mass in an adjacent gallery. And though her works on paper are stunning in their own right, it is her forays into three-dimensionality that bring her work beyond the realm of the ordinary.

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