June 7, 2012 - July 26, 2012
Blue Spiral 1
Asheville, NC
Group Exhibitions

Five contemporary artists employ elements of repetition and symmetry in 2D and 3D.

Curated by Jordan Ahlers and featuring the work of: David Bolton, clay; Teresa Cole, printmaking; Bonard Hughins, painting; Martina Lantin, clay; and Kreh Mellick, drawing.

Untitled Pattern: The Negation of Space, intaglio printed collagraph installation, 5’x 8’, 2011
Untitled Pattern: The Negation of Space
CC 24/7, relief and screenprint on hand-waxed paper, installation size varies, aprox 7’ x 12’, 2008
CC 24/7
Pattern Exhibition View
CC 24/7
Pattern Exhiition (view 2)
Pattern Exhibition (view 2)
Pattern Exhibition (view 3)
Pattern Exhibition (view 3)
Untitled Pattern IV, (hand carved relief print on paper, 44” x 90”, 2010)
Untitled Pattern 4
Untitled Pattern Negation
Untitled Pattern Negation-