The Face of Disaster: Deep Water Horizon

New Screen Print

A new screenprint created for the exchange portfolio by Tim Dooley and Bill Fick entitled “Head Shot”. This will be shown at the Mid-American Print Conference in Minneapolis this October. The portfolio will include work by 48 different artists. This head Read more…

Mini Mardi Gras

Life in miniature

Although this technique is a bit of a gimmick it’s intriguing  to see the world from a different perspective.

Carnival Beads in a tree

A Tourist in ones own Town

In an effort to keep a fresh view on what is familiar. I am trying to look at the city of New Orleans with an outsiders eye but I have the advantage of the insiders knowledge. Many sections of the Read more…

Painting from the back of a bus

Arrived Home Safely and On Time

The 36 hour return trip home was quite painless and uneventful especially given my bad luck with travel in the past. I left for the Kolkata airport around noon on Sunday. The most anxiety surrounding the trip was when my Read more…